Runescape BETA !

Runescape 06 F2P server is out but unfortunately it is not fully completed . It still got several bugs and glitches . Anyways most of the content is added 

* Music in different locations/attack sounds added .

* All f2p skills added and clipped correctly .

* Added some quests .

* Full towns such as Varrock , Falador , Edgevillage , Draynor Village , Rimmington , Port Sarim , Dungeons , Barbarian Village etc

We were aiming on fully re-constructing Runescape 2006 and we still willing to do this in couple of weeks , we are updating our server daily , adding more stuff and fixing bugs  .

And we hope that you will enjoy our server and stay here with us and help us improve .


Server Status :

F2P World : Online

P2P World : Offline